ÖH Wahl 27.-29. Mai 2019

Absentee ballot

If you’re not present during this year’s ÖH-elections (27th – 29th May 2019), you can order an absentee ballot.


How can I apply for my absentee ballot

If you decide to order an absentee ballot your identity must be reviewed by the voting administration (Wahlkommission) and you will be asked to upload a copy of your ID our sign your application with your cellphone signature or Citizen Card for the purpose of identification. Your ID will be checked manually so your application may take a while. If you don’t have an Austrian social security number you can register with your „Ersatzkennzeichen“ which can be found on your „Studienblatt“.


The mailing of absentee ballots will start on the 2nd of May, since that’s the deadline for candidates and the printing of the ballot papers starts. If you order your ballot in April, it could take some time till you get it.
Your absentee ballot has to be at the federal voting administration on the 28th of May, 6 pm latest to be considered. You can also order the absentee ballot internationally, if you are studying abroad. 


Absentee ballots can be ordered from April 9th to May 20th!


Is it possible to vote in person although I applied for an absentee ballot?

If your absentee ballot is on its way to you, your claim to vote in person expires on institutional (Hochschulvertretung) and federal level (Bundesvertretung). If you apllied for an absentee ballot and want to vote in person it is crucial that you go to your designated polling station an bring your blank and unused absentee ballot and all additional information which was sent to you. Only then you will be allowed to vote in person.